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In 2000 Calvary Chapel Bible College York was started as an affiliate campus to the main campus in Murrietta, California. With no money, no classrooms, no student accommodation and no time, we did all that we could – we prayed. God came through, and everything was provided for so that the Bible College could go ahead.


Calvary Chapel Bible College York




Because of the success of Online schools and Bible Colleges around the world, we felt that it might be possible to incorporate that model into this School of Ministry. The most important part is to integrate the programme with the local church, creating a partnership through which those attending are accountable to their local church Pastors/Leaders.

The Programme

Here is a summary of the proposed programme:

  • Students will take online classes on Saturday Mornings for up to three hours
  • Price will be £5 per week (paid for by the student - however the local church can "sponsor" the student and cover the cost if they wish to do so)
  • Semesters run for 9 weeks each, and there will be three semesters per year
  • Courses will be taught by Calvary UK affiliate Pastors
The Next Semester of the CCUK Online School of Ministry begins Saturday, 9 September 2017

Our classes will be: 

  • “The Life of David”, taught by Pastor Barry Forder of Calvary Chapel Portsmouth;
  • the book “Spiritual Leadership” by J.Oswald Sanders taught by Pastor David Fraser of Alva Baptist Church and Pastor Dan Loaiza of Calvary Chapel Stirling;
  • “Basic Biblical Counselling Strategies” taught by Pastor Jeff Hicks of Calvary Chapel Kendall.
Testing your System

Please be sure to visit https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362023-System-Requirements-for-PC-and-Mac and see if your computer and internet connectivity is adequate for the application. You’ll notice that there are some Tablets that can work as well as a PC/Mac, however some of the functionality can be a bit limited.

Ordering Materials

Details on any books you may need to purchase for these classes will be sent by each of the teachers.

Please have your Pastor send us an email to with a recommendation for you to attend the school. We will also need his email so that we can send him information on your Service Hours that are required at your local church as part of your training. In order to maintain your status with the SoM, you will need to perform up to 5 hours per week of service at your church. This can include Sunday services, Midweek services, Counseling, Discipleship, Outreach and other duties that your Senior Pastor will come up with.

Payment must be made monthly to Calvary Chapel Exeter. £5 per week. You can make the payment as a direct debit. Contact us for the sort code and account number. Just make sure you put your name and SOM in the message field of your online donation.

Looking Ahead

In the future our goal is to offer supplemental classes that will be available in a self-paced format, pre-recorded by the Pastors/Instructors. This will allow us to broaden our instruction in areas of church history, counseling, and areas that our fellowships need or want.

If you think you might benefit from one or all of these classes, simply sign up at the link below.


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Any Questions?

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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